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Top 10 Best Flamethrowers in 2019 Reviews

Flamethrowers are an important addition to your as it can be used for various different purposes in everyday life. If you fancy cooking delicious dishes every now and then or you are mostly outdoors camping and fishing, the flamethrower can come in very handy in different ways. It can also help you with those welding, micro-welding, and fusing needs in your garage or workshop.

But which model to choose while buying a flamethrower is a delusional challenge. Which flamethrower can stand up to our expectations? To help you out in this difficult decision, we have jotted the top 10 flamethrowers that are available in the market that has been narrowed down on the basis of their functionality, features and top-notch workability. So if you are all set to buy one, give this article a read so that you don’t have any second thoughts while choosing the right model.

10. Fire-maple Butane Gas Spray Torch Butane

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Is the rough weather causing a trouble to light up the fire? The Fire Maple Butane torch will act as your saviour by rewarding you with steady fire even when you are camping in a windy weather. It uses smart and advanced two-channel pre-heat technique that will keep you going even when the weather seems wrong. Also, this can be smartly used for standard gas cartridge connection that produces a high rate of firepower.

  • 1300 degree Celsius of maximum heat.
  • Steady and durable round aluminium valve.
  • The screw type valve is universal thus goes with any type of screw gas canister.
  • Adjustable valve.

9. AMRIU GF-877 Micro Butane Torch Lighter


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Designed to perfection, this micro butane torch will amaze you and everyone in the house with its supreme ability to provide you with a unique and hassle-free experience every time you are getting ready to cook. It features a built-in ignition system making it a professional cooking torch that can satisfy all your cooking needs with ease. It comes with a security lock to prevent any unwanted accidents.


  • Smart safety lock.
  • An adjustable torch that allows one to pick the correct flame intensity as per requirement.
  • Built-in ignition system.

8. DAVITU Copark Gas Torch


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The lightweight and compact design of this gas torch is certainly an impressive feature which makes it easy to carry around places while the universal design makes it compatible with any standard butane gas cartridges. If you are spending time at a picnic or preparing for an outdoor BBQ session, this torch will be at your service smartly. Further, the 1300 degree Celsius of firepower is amazing for various needs.

  • Has Push button working.
  • Allows automatic piezoelectricity ignition.
  • The flame control can be adjusted as per will.
  • Have a safe design.

7. BSK Gas Torch


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At a weight of just 190 gm, this is a welding flamethrower that can serve a multitude of purposes like cooking and for producing of fire in the airiest conditions as well. It packs a very compact and smart design along with some highly-impressive features like a pinpoint flame and anti-flare operation that activates just after a minute of pre-heating. This butane torch has a high capacity and capable of producing a flame power of up to 2012 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Self-ignition feature.
  • It is a butane torch of professional grade.
  • Choice of many high-esteem chefs.
  • Push button automatic ignition.

6. Tools Centre Auto Ignition Flamethrower


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A butane gas torch that can be useful in almost all types of places ranging from restaurant, hiking, camping and even household needs, this is a device that will keep up with your needs in every way possible. It comes in a very smart and ergonomic design thereby making it extremely comfortable to hold in hand and use. The built-in pistol type piezo ignition is capable of producing very high firepower like 1350 degree Celsius. Furthermore, the advanced design allows it to be fixed on butane bottles as well.

  • Has a compact and portable design.
  • Features a heat insulated ceramic coil.
  • Pre-heating tube.
  • The power of flame can be adjusted.

5. COPARK Multifunctional Butane Gas Spray Gun Torch


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One of the most modern looking devices on the list, this model of butane gas spray gun torch is highly efficient in its uses and delivers impressive as well as reliable results every single time. The most likable feature on this flamethrower is you can control both the temperature and flame rate, thus allowing you to have total control over the way you want to use it. Moreover, it is capable of 360-degrees application which promises to be both rapid and efficient. Have it all at your fingertips as this comes in a very compact and portable design, making it extremely safe as well as convenient to use.

  • A maximum of 1350 degree Celsius of temperature.
  • Can be used easily in both outdoors and indoors.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Very compact and smart design.

4. Ypres SU Gas Torch

Ypres-Ignition-Camping-Flamethrower-Included Flamethrowers

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A very eye-catchy orange and silver combination, this is a flamethrower that can light up your BBQ sessions, help you cook food, and even fight the wind while you are camping or hiking. The gas torch is further designed to be compatible with any standard butane gas cartridges thereby enhancing its flexibility of usage. It also has self-ignition feature, thus making it a widely accepted choice for many professional chefs in the market.


  • Impressive 1300 deg. Celsius of maximum heat.
  • Has push button automatic ignition.
  • Anti-flare design.

3. Sunbell Cooking Torch


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From the house of Sunbelt Ignition, this is a flamethrower that uses their patented system that features a safe use at 360 degrees after a short pre-heat time of just two minutes. For the convenience of usage, this flamethrower has been designed with flame control that can be adjusted to let you have the control over the firepower and push button automatic self-ignition for a quick response. You can use it anywhere for multiple purposes like micro welding, fusing and defrosting in home or workshop without a sweat.

  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Has patented operating system.

2. A-ONE GAS TOOL Professional Burner Torch

ONE-Torch-Multipurpose-torch-Kitchen-Torch-Flamethrower-Flame-Burner-Camping Flamethrowers

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The best part of this flamethrower is that it comes with a complimentary bonus torch lighter, making it even more appealing to the customers. Both of the big flamethrower and flame torch lighter in the combo comes with the convenience of butane level window and adjustable flame rate, thus making every usage much more enhanced and user-friendly. Besides, it also has a very easy to carry design and you can even adjust the size of the flame on this model. Use it for multiple purposes ranging from cooking, to welding and even removing paints when needed.


  • Comes with flame safety lock.
  • One click start.
  • Absolutely safe for the beginners.
  • Has a multi-purpose design.

1. 2011accecity Gas Torch Flamethrower



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At the very top of the list, this gas torch cum flamethrower has a very high output power of 960 kcal and other impressive features for day to day usage. A handle length of 14.3 cm assures the safety of usage while dealing with sensitive materials while the huge power of 1350 degree C can do all kinds of jobs with ease and comfort. A welding flame gun that can be the right addition to the equipment list of your home, this will make life easier for you in various ways.

  • Adjustable flame rate as well as flame temperature.
  • Made out of metal and has a plastic color combination of white and silver.
  • Can be equipped with butane gas tank.

Explore your innovative side while using the flamethrower for cooking or use it in the windiest conditions during your camping sessions. Any of these flamethrowers will work just fine in any condition.