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LED lensers have been on the market for time immemorial. Years back, they used to be bulky and less efficient regarding battery life. Luckily, today these lensers are more efficient, rechargeable, brighter, lightweight and portable, eliminating the worries of having enough pockets to carry one. Modern LED lensers have become more popular among hikers, campers, dog walkers, fishers and even children who enjoy their exceptional brightness. Well, finding the best-LED lenser is somewhat overwhelming because of the innumerable brands. Fortunately, we have compiled the best performing brands in the following top 10 best LED lenser in 2019 reviews.

1.LED Lenser -H7.2 Headlamp (FFP)

LED Lenser - H7.2 Headlamp, Black (FFP)


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See everything you do with the LED Lenser -H7.2 Headlamp (FFP). Featuring 20 to 250 lumens and 50 to 160 meters range, the H7.2 headlamp is a great tool to navigate the neighborhood or hit the trail. It uses AAA batteries to give you 30 straight hours of lighting without replacement so that you can enjoy several hours in the pack or on the trail. The headlamp is an ergonomically-designed LED Lenser which is lightweight to provide a tight yet comfortable fit. Therefore, this will ensure you have an easy time while on a long trek.

2.LED Lenser –H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp

LED Lenser - H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp

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Meet the advanced version of the H series; the LED Lenser –H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp. It has constant current mode and energy saving mode; thanks to the advanced smart light technology. Featuring a redesigned switch, this headlamp will allow you to operate it from both the front and back. Similarly, there is an improved scroll wheel interface for you to change the brightness easily. This headlamp will give you a focused beam for long distance and a uniform spill beam for up-close reading. This is owed to the patented combination of lens and reflector. Besides, the new ergonomic design ensures Maximum comfort during prolonged use.

3.Coast HL7 285 Lumen LED Headlamp

Coast HL7 Focusing 285 Lumen LED Headlamp

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Get ready for anything while hiking, cycling or running with the Coast HL7 285 Lumen LED Headlamp. The ultra-view flood beam combines with pure beam focusing optic on giving you a downrange illumination and up-close reading respectively. It features a variety of light-control technology from high to low and light-control lever to give you an easy rotation on a one-handed output adjustment. The headlamp has wide beam coverage of up to 390ft; thus, you can always see what lies ahead before you get there. Although it uses 3 AAA batteries, this lamp is very powerful and can go for up to 70 hours without requiring a new set of batteries.

4.LED Lenser – P5R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight

LED Lenser - P5R.2, Rechargeable Flashlight

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The LED Lenser – P5R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight is power in your own hands. It is compact and lightweight so that you can take it anywhere with you. With this lenser, you will not have to worry about replacing batteries because it is rechargeable. And can go for up to 12 hours straight on a single charge. It features an improved focus technology to provide you with the brightest and most even light ever. Furthermore, it is ideal for people who would like to focus the light where they want single-handedly. Therefore, you can use it to navigate the basement or simply hang it at the campsite for illumination.

5.Led Lenser 600 Lumens MH10 Headlamp

Ledlenser - 600 Lumens, MH10 Headlamp with Rapid Focus System

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Give darkness no chance to hinder your activities with the LED Lenser 600 Lumens MH10 Headlamp. With the ability to run for 120 hours on a single charge, the lamp will give you more time to spend on the mountain, lake or trail. For this reason; the lamp is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Boasting a built-in temperature control, this lamp will maintain its cool no matter how long you use it. It gives you the chance to single-handedly focus the beam and switch between the three light modes to get the perfect brightness you desire.

6.Coast HL8R Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Coast HL8R 800 lm Rechargeable Focusing LED Headlamp

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Compared to other excellent LED lenses on the market, we’d rate this as the excellent one. The Coast HL8R Rechargeable LED Headlamp does not limit you to a rechargeable or battery lamp; it is flexible and can operate as either of them. Whether you choose to use it as a rechargeable lamp or a battery lamp, you are assured of 60 hours of continuous lighting. The dual power lamp ensures you get maximum performance by controlling light output through a knob on the side of the bezel. You can focus the light ahead or get a wide beam for just nearby illumination. You can do all these by just turning the head of the light.

7.Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

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Most headlamps are designed to shine brightly in dark areas, but how do you see through a well-lit town? It may be quite difficult to make distinctions with the same brightness. The Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp, however, gives you something ideal for use in urban areas. Featuring red taillight strobe, you can program the headlamp on or off to enable you to see clearly in urban areas. This lenser comes with a triple LED alongside 200 lumens that will give you a strong and sharp oval beam to lead you through the dark shadows ahead. Remember, it uses a rechargeable battery with 5 hours complete charge time.

8.LED LENSER H14R.2 Headlamp

LED LENSER LED7299R H14R.2 High Performance Line Headlamp

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Considerably improved, LED LENSER H14R.2 Headlamp is amongst the best performing headlamps around. The model is a revised design, meaning it is more ergonomic, more convenient and more durable. It has more functional switch concept that will make it easier for you to operate the practical lighting functions. The rotating switch that is now close to the battery section is more convenient to use for adjusting the flashing frequency or brightness. Although revised, the lamp has not compromised its versatility and flexibility. That is why you can still use it attached to any cloth, belt or holder.

9.Petzl – NAO 575 Lumens

Petzl - NAO 575 Lumens

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It is quite unpleasant to carry extra batteries to change in case your headlamp goes off. Therefore, you need a rechargeable headlamp with short charge time and which can last longer when fully charged. That is none other than the Petzl – NAO 575 Lumens. Unlike the standard LED lenses that will require you to manually adjust brightness, the Petzl is all automatic. You will not have to worry about the switch location when you need to adjust brightness. This lamp boasts a reactive lighting technology that will automatically adjust brightness while offering maximum lighting of up to 575 lumens. Besides, the headlamp is adjustable for optimum comfort during use.

10.Coast HL8 615 Lumen LED Headlamp

Coast 19649 HL8 Focusing 615 Lumen LED Headlamp

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There is nothing more reassuring than a high-performing LED lenser. Lucky for you, that is exactly what you get when you buy Coast HL8 615 Lumen LED Headlamp. It brings together the pure beam focusing optic and twist focus technology to provide you with long-distance beam and up close reading. The beam distance can cover up to 634ft high and 173ft low. But that is not all the HL8 has to offer. It has 3 different light controls; medium, high and low modes, so you can adjust as you please. Additionally, the lighting can go as low as 46 lumens and as high as 615 lumens.

LED lensers are available in different styles, features, and designs. We have, therefore, put in a lot of effort to inform you on how 10 of the best-LED lensers vary from each other. So make sure you go through the above compilation to discover more about what they have concerning what you need.