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Ostrich feathers are not new; people have been using them for decades. The feathers are super long, and, therefore, great for various decorations. Today, ostrich feathers are added to hats to enhance the appearance of these hats. They are also great for occasions such as weddings, parties, Christmas, and many more. Besides, assembling ostrich feathers to create feather centerpieces is fairly easy and straightforward. But not all ostrich feathers are top quality; thus, you need to do your research to get the best ostrich feathers. That said, check out our well-written top 10 best reviews. Here, you will come across a variety of ostrich feathers for sweat-free buying experience.

1.Sowder 10pcs Ostrich Feathers 12-14inch (30-35cm) – white

Sowder 10pcs Ostrich Feathers 12-14inch(30-35cm) Plume Home Wedding Decoration(white)

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We recommend these ostrich feathers to you because you can use them on many occasions such as party and wedding decorations. They come in 10 pieces to make sure you have more than enough at your disposal. Additionally, these pieces measure between 12 and 14 inches, and this is just fine. The feathers will last longer than you can imagine, given that they are natural as well as sanitized, steamed, and temperature disinfected. They are dyed ostrich feathers that will show how far your imagination can reach.

2.Sowder 20pcs Natural 10-12inch (25-30cm) Ostrich Feathers

Sowder 20pcs Natural 10-12inch(25-30cm) Ostrich Feathers Plume Wedding Centerpieces Home Decoration(red)

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If you thought 10 pieces of ostrich feathers are numerous, then we don’t know what you will say about 20. Yes, these red ostrich feathers are more than enough to give you a chance to create anything you want. They are perfect for all types of parties, costumes, wedding decorations, home decorations, trimming, and crafts. They are natural, and the manufacturer has sanitized, steamed, and temperature disinfected them, so they can last much longer. The feathers measure between 10 and 12 inches from top to top.

3.Exotic Feathers LA est. 1973 White OSTRICH Feathers 12-16”

White OSTRICH Feathers Wholesale Bulk SPECIAL SALE 12-16" Long DELUXE Tail Feather Plumes White Qty 100 'The White Swan Collection' by ExoticFeathersLA

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If you have a function and you want to make it colorful yet simple, these ostrich feathers are for you. They are all white, and, therefore, can seamlessly blend with any décor or other decorations. Furthermore, they take a short time to assemble, and this means they will let you focus much on the other aspects of the events. The feathers measure 12 – 16 inches, and they come in 100 pieces. That being said, you will be able to use them to create anything you can think of.

4.AWAYTR Natural 20-22inch (50-55cm) Ostrich Feathers

AWAYTR Natural 20-22 inch(50-55cm) Ostrich Feathers Plume for Wedding Centerpieces Home Decoration (10pcs, White-Large stem Feather)

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There are those events that require large ostrich feathers. And if you happen to be an organizer of one, then these ostrich feathers are for you. They are natural ostrich feathers that measure 20 – 22 inches (50 – 55cm). This means they are great for decorating wedding ceremonies and parties. Ideally, each of the feathers in this set is premium quality, considering that AWAYTR handpicks them. The set contains 10 pieces, although you can buy up to 50 pieces, depending on what you plan to use them for.

5.KOLIGHT 40pcs 12” ~ 14” (30~35cm) Natural Ostrich Feathers

KOLIGHT 40pcs 12''~14''(30~35cm) Natural Ostrich Feathers DIY Home Wedding Party Office Decoration (Black)

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This is another set of ostrich feathers that we believe will really be handy for weddings and parties. The set contains up to 40 pieces of ostrich feathers to make sure you get a complete decoration. They are dyed and come in a variety of colors including black, blue, burgundy, brown, champagne, gold, and lime, among others. The length of these feathers ranges from 12 inches to 14 inches. For maximum durability, KOLIGHT has steamed, sanitized, and temperature disinfected the feathers.

6.Sowder 10pcs Ostrich Feathers 12-14inch (30-35cm) – golden

Sowder 10pcs Ostrich Feathers 12-14inch(30-35cm) Plume Home Wedding Decoration(golden)

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Sowder is a reliable manufacturer that never wishes its customers to be disappointed. That’s why we are happy to let you know of this ostrich feather set. Well, the set has up to 10 pieces, which are just enough for such occasions as parties, weddings, and hat decorations etc. The feathers are golden to bring the much-needed uniqueness, and, to some extent, royalty. They are dyed and Sowder has even gone an extra mile to temperature disinfect, steam, and sanitize them.

7.Shekyeon 16-18inch 40-45cm Ostrich Feather Pack of 10

Shekyeon White 16-18inch 40-45cm Ostrich Feather DIY Craft Feather Pack of 10

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You will never feel disappointed with these ostrich feathers. This is because they are natural, and, therefore, goes with several occasions. Their lengths range from 16 – 18 inches (40 – 45cm), which further make them the go-to product whenever you have a party to throw or a wedding occasion. The feathers come in a pack of 10, just like most brands in these reviews. Get one today and see what you have been missing. What’s more, these ostrich feathers are available in several colors, so you can easily choose a suitable color option.

8.Sowder 5pcs Ostrich Feathers 16-18inch (40-45cm)

Sowder 5pcs Ostrich Feathers 16-18inch(40-45cm) Home Wedding Decoration(White)

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Decorating your home for special events just got better. And this is because of the Sowder 5pcs Ostrich Feathers. They make a great purchase for those who want just a small number of feathers to complete their decorations. They are dyed, just like the other top quality brands on this list. What’s more, they have a perfect length that ranges from 16 – 18 inches (40 – 45cm). With them, you will have limitless creativity. The feathers come in exciting colors including yellow, ivory, white, and many more.

9.FCH 50 Piece 12” – 14” Ostrich Feather

50 Piece 12"-14" Ostrich Feather Premium Quality for Home Wedding Party Centerpiece Vase DIY Decoration White

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FCH is a reputable manufacturer that is worth buying from. Their ostrich feathers are of high quality. That’s why we recommend them for you. The feathers measure 34.5cm (13.58 inches), which, in our opinion, is just fine. Furthermore, if you don’t like their lengths, you can always go ahead and cut them into smaller pieces that fit your needs. These feathers are great for decorating a room, office, parlor, and hotel, among others. They come in a pack of 50 and are all natural.

10.Exotic Feathers LA est. 1973 Ostrich Feathers 100pcs.

Ostrich Feathers 100 Pcs. White Tail Ostrich Feather Plumes 14 to 18 inches Long. U.S.A. Store. Create Stunning Feather Centerpieces

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Create that stunning feather centerpiece you have always wanted with these ostrich feathers from Exotic Feathers LA est. 1973. These feathers are all white, so expect them to bring the much-needed elegance. They are available in 100 pieces and measure around 14 – 18 inches. Moreover, they look beautiful; hence, whatever, you will use them for will really be eye-catching. Whether you want to create an Eiffel tower centerpiece or just a simple feather centerpiece, these feather products are for you.

People have been thrilled to buy ostrich feathers only to realize that whatever they bought are artificial and very flimsy. Well, do not be one of these people now that this article is here. The article provides a platform where there is something for everyone. With that said, the ostrich feathers we have reviewed above come in various lengths and colors. They also come in sets, with each one having a different number of pieces.