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Air conditioning and repairing services are becoming more complicated as days go by. This is especially because there are laws that forbid the release of refrigerants into the air. This, therefore, calls for the need to have a refrigerant recovery machine. These machines are available in various types. While some are automatic, others are manually operated. Hence, buying a new refrigerant machine can be very challenging. Not to mention that what may fit one situation may not work for another. To help you get the right machine that will suit your intended purpose, we bring you the following top 10 best refrigerant recovery machines in 2019 reviews.

1.Robinair RG3 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair RG3 110V AC, 60 Hz Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Weighing just 18lbs with 40-percent smaller footprint, the Robinair RG3 is compact and lightweight. Hence, it is easy to move from one place to another for portability. The unit handles almost all refrigerators including R-410A and all common HFC, CFM and HCFC refrigerants. Its oil-less compressor makes it capable of recovering both vapor and liquid. Also, it is built with safety in mind. Therefore, it has an automatic shutoff switch that goes off if pressure increases above 550psi. Moreover, this machine comes with a tough shiny case for extra durability.

2.Robinair RG6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair RG6 110V AC, 60 Hz Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Featuring a twin cylinder design, the Robinair RG6 delivers the best recovery performance there is. It can handle both vapor and liquid recovery; thanks to the oil-less compressor. This unit is easy to operate since it has simple controls and a comfortable handle. It has an oversized condenser with a large fan to help keep the machine cool in extreme temperatures. The machine is also tough with a rugged case to ensure that it can withstand the rigors of industrial refrigerant recovery. What’s more, it is equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that automatically goes off when the pressure exceeds 550psi.

3.Goplus Refrigerant Recovery Automotive

Goplus Refrigerant Recovery Unit Automotive HVAC Recovery System 110V 60Hz Compact Portable Unit Blue

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With the high-efficiency cross flow design, this unit will remain very helpful even in short cycle times. It can handle almost all refrigerants including CFM, HCFC, and HFC. This machine is equipped with a high-pressure safety that automatically shuts off when the pressure exceeds 38.5 Bar. It can work with both liquid and vapor recovery to deliver recovery speeds in all conditions. Furthermore, this model is easy to operate; thanks to the filter screen and easy-to-read gauges. Plus, it is highly portable and easy to carry with a comfortable handle.

4.Fieldpiece Recovery Machine MR45

Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine

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For a refrigerant recovery machine which is powerful with smart design and variable speed, consider the Fieldpiece MR45. It is equipped with 1HP DC motor to provide you with smooth operations. This unit measures 22lbs in weight, meaning it is lightweight and highly portable. Similarly, it boasts built-in power cord storage for added convenience. This recovery machine also has a wide digital display with a status message; thus, it is easy to operate. And it can withstand direct rain since the twin cylinder condenser is water-resistant. Besides, the unit is made of a ceramic cylinder to ensure durability and longevity.

5.Yellow Jacket XLt Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Ritchie Recover XLt Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 21" x 15" x 14"

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Designed with single valve control, the Yellow Jacket Machine offers easy changeover from liquid to vapor to purge. It is equipped with nested components to reduce noise and vibration for quiet operation. This machine has a high-efficiency fan that will keep air moving across the condenser for cool running even in hot temperature. There is a safety feature that automatically shuts off when the pressure goes above 517psi. In addition, this unit is constructed of high-strength HDPE case which is lightweight yet rugged to provide more resilience. Plus the corners are rounded to protect the machine from scrapes and nicks.

6.CPS Tech-set Refrigerant Recovery Machine

CPS TRS19 Series | Tech-Set Sparkless Ignition Proof Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Designed for industrial and commercial use, the CPS Tech-set features a durable die-cast housing. This unit guarantees exceptional performance and all its components are of high-quality. It delivers quiet operation because the noise level is very low and the vibration of the motor is almost inaudible. The 2-cylinder oil-less compressor will ensure high-efficiency performance at all times. There is a mesh screen that is cleanable to enable you to remove residual refrigerants easily. Moreover, it is equipped with a safety feature that will see the machine shut off after reaching the pressure of 550psi.

7.Appion G1 SINGLE Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Appion G1SINGLE Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 115 Vac, 60 Hz, 10 Amp, 10.3" Height, 9.4" Width, 11.38" Length

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At only 22lbs, the Appion G1 SINGLE Refrigerant Recovery Machine comes in a compact and easy to carry size. It is designed for use with all common refrigerants including R4104. This is one of the most reliable single-cylinder machines and can handle all types of jobs whether big or small. Its durability is not in question since it is built to last and has undergone many rigorous durability tests before being released into the market. Furthermore, it is safe and easy to use, as it comes with a straightforward user’s manual.

8.Robinair R-134A Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair 34788NI-H Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and Recharging Machine for Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Vehicles

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For the most efficient refrigerant recovery machine, the Robinair R-134A should be your go-to product. This is because it has an advanced display that will show you the need to replace oil and the amount required. There is an automatic refrigerant refill feature that maintains a user-selectable amount in an internal vessel and signals when it’s time to change supply tank. This machine is equipped with vacuum leak test monitors to inform you of possible leaks without operating panel valves. Besides, there is an audible and visual alarm that will notify you when service is complete or if a problem occurs.

9.Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Recovery Machine 95762

Yellow Jacket 95762 Recover XLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Sensor

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This machine is designed to provide quicker recovery and is perfect for refrigerant of class V, IV, and III. It has a single control valve that offers easy and quick changeover from liquid to vapor. Its gauges are located at a certain angle that will provide convenient access and be viewing. All the components are high-quality. The sensor, for instance, is advanced to sense back pressure from the tank and shuts off the machine automatically at 517psi for safety. Furthermore, it has a highly-efficient motor that will keep air moving across the condenser for cool running.

10.Infinicon Refrigerant Recovery Machine 714-202-G1

Inficon 714-202-G1 Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 1 HP, 120V

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Constructed with a dual-piston compressor of industrial-standard, the Infinicon 714-202-G1will deliver high recovery rate. This machine works with most refrigerants including R134A. It has a unique micro-channeled condenser that provides incredible heat exchange while the recovery rate is kept constant. The machine is equipped with a big fan that will keep it cool. And the self-purge will help prevent cross-contamination. Besides, there is a filter and dryer included to provide a constant and fast operation even in very hot weather. This recovery machine is also well-built and sturdy enough to offer durable performance.

The above compilation includes the best performing refrigerant recovery machines on the market right now. They are designed to offer effortless performance and are rugged to withstand the rigors of commercial and industrial use. Buy according to your budget, preference, and durability for a machine that will serve your intended purpose.