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Removing a plastic or rubber insulation from an undamaged scrap wire can be quite dangerous and time-consuming if you do not have the right tools. That’s why you need to have a wire stripping machine to help you out. With features that remove the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wires, these machines are very handy for DIYers as well as people working in electronic, automotive, motorcycle assembly parts, and construction companies. There are two types of wire stripping machines; automotive and manual. Well, regardless of the type you decide to go for, we have it here in these top 10 best wire stripping machines in 2019 reviews.

1.BLUEROCK WL-100 Wire Stripping Machine

WL-100 Manual Wire Stripping Machine Copper Stripper for Recycling by BLUEROCK ® Tools

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What’s so good about the BLUEROCK WL-100 model is its hardened steel construction that gives users the assurance that it will get the job done in no time. It is an innovatively designed manual wire stripping machine that comes with two blades. Well, each of these blades can be sharpened to give you the results you want. The stripping machine also features manual adjusters, which work with the blade to vary the sizes of wires. While using this machine, you can either permanently mount it or clamp it to the corner of a table.

2, Steel Dragon Tools Automatic Wire Stripping Machine (WRA15)

Steel Dragon Tools WRA15 Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Strip Scrap Copper Wire

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Setting up this wire stripping machine for use is amazingly easy. All you need to do is to mount it to a workstation, table or bench. After that, connect it to a drill for automatic wire stripping. It is designed to help you remove rubber and plastic insulation from scrap wire. Since it is automatic, the wire stripping machine is incredibly easy to use. Besides, you can use it manually with the hand crank.

3.StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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The StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine is also another automatic stripping machine that we believe will get you the results you need. This is because it is automatic and designed to strip all sizes from an 18-gauge to 250 MCM, including braided (stranded) and ROMEX wire. We are thrilled by the fact that the wire stripping machine features a built-in Romex slot that will save you an extra 33-percent of your time over other automatic stripping wire machines. So, it can work great and remain reliable, this wire stripper is made of a solid aircraft-grade aluminum construction.

4.Steel Dragon Tools WRA35 Wire Stripping Machine

Steel Dragon Tools WRA35 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Strip Scrap Copper Wire

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Powerful and ready to help you strip wires, the Steel Dragon Tools WRA35 Wire Stripper will help you strip 34 AWG up to 1-1/2” (1.5mm – 38mm) wires. Besides, it is made for portability to let you use it to strip wires regardless of where you are. It’s emergency stop button and fully-guarded blades will keep you totally safe while you are using it. Another feature to talk about is the adjustable tension, which is for removing different types of insulation. We believe that this machine is well loaded and probably the best unit for various kinds of sheath flat cable and round cable.

5.BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Stripping Machine

BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Stripping Machine Cable Stripper Copper Machine Φ3mm~ 25mm Scrap Copper Recycle Tool

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If you prefer using manual wire strippers, then this one from BEAMNOVA is worth your attention. It has a new design adjustable wire guide that enables it to strip larger wires and Romex. Plus it features a new design close-cut wire guide, which brings smaller wires as close as possible to the blade, so you can get the best cut. Adjustable wire clamps also contribute to the performance of this wire stripper by preventing thin, soft wires from dodging the blade. To help you strip wires for a pretty long time, the manufacturer has made the blade of this machine with a special alloy.

6, Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine (Dark Blue)

Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine 1.5-25mm Automatic Electric Wire Stripping Machine 1 Channel Wire Stripping Machine Tool Manual Hand Cranked Industrial Wire Stripping Recycle (Dark Blue)

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The Happybuy Cable Wire Stripping Machine is equipped with a number of good features to ensure improved performance. It has an adjustable blade that combines with rollers to enable it to work on cables of various shapes. Besides, the machine is designed in such a way that it removes rubber and plastic insulations faster and easily. It strips wires from 1.5mm up to 25mm in diameter. It is heavy-duty and weighs 13.5kg. Well, this solid construction enables it to stand the test of time.

7.PENSON & CO. Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

PENSON & CO. Automatic Motorized Electric Wire Stripping Machine for Scrap Copper Wire Cable Stripping Blades

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There is a lot you can do with this automatic wire stripping machine; thanks to its unrivaled versatility. It can be used in such industries as automotive wiring harness processing, audio, and data line processing, aerospace wire processing, and recycling dismantling. Additionally, this wire stripping machine is very flexible, and it mounts effortlessly on a bench, workstation or table. This means you can virtually use it anywhere to get quick results. It is easy to use and strips 14-gauge to 1-1/4-inch size wires. Plus it records high stripping speeds up to 60 feet/minute.

8.Yescom Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Benchtop Powered Cable Stripper Tool 0.12-1" for Scrap Copper Recycling

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We have tested the Yescom Automatic Wire Stripping Machine and we believe that it is exactly what you are looking for. It is portable, saves energy and very easy to use to help you get the desired results without sweating a lot. The machine promises to remove plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged wires with diameters that range from 0.12 inch to 1 inch. Furthermore, it measures 9.5-by-12.6-by-12.6 inches, which is an ideal size for any workstation. Its stripping speed is around 50 feet per minute; hence, expect zero delays.

9.BestEquip Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BestEquip Cable Wire Stripping Machine 0.06-0.98 Inch Diameter Wire Stripping Machine 1 Cutting Blade Electric Wire Stripper for cutting and Stripping Scrap Copper Wire (Electric 0.06-0.98 Inch Blue)

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You will not take long mounting this wire stripping machine on a bench or workstation. And this is because it is incredibly lightweight. Nevertheless, this does not mean the wire stripping machine is less durable. Well, it is made of long-lasting aluminum construction that gives it a reliable performance on a consistent basis. The stripping speed of this wire stripper ranges from 50 – 60 feet per minute, while the wire gauge range is from 0.06” – 0.98” in diameter. This wire stripper is very easy to use, convenient, portable and saves energy.

10.Mophorn Computer Wire Stripping Tool

Mophorn Computer Wire Stripping Tool 110V Copper Wire Stripping Machine 3000-80000pcs/h Automatic Wire Cutter 1-9999mm Peeling and Cutting Machine (4.5 square stripping machine)

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Many wire stripping machines are not made with inexperienced users in mind. Fortunately, that is not the case with this computer wire stripping tool from Mophorn. Its interface is direct and very easy to use to let you operate with less effort. Moreover, the wire stripper is computer-controlled, and this means it can strip wires automatically. With it, you will be able to meet any wire assembly required, considering that it has a variety of cutting style and programmable length. The machine performs well, and that’s why it’s used in industries such as electric appliances, motorcycle parts, auto, and electronic products.

That’s it for today. The above are the best wire stripping machines you will ever come across. We say so because they are highly rated and produced by reputable companies. They are effective, efficient, and, of course, portable, so you can use them to the maximum. Be sure to grab yours after reading this.